New Atoll LPWA Module for Planning and Optimising IoT (Internet of Things) Networks

5 July 2016 - Forsk has announced that a new Atoll LPWA module is now commercially available.

The Atoll LPWA module enables IoT service providers to design, plan, and optimise wireless IoT (Internet of Things) networks based on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies, such as LoRa, Wireless MBus, and ultra-narrowband low-throughput technologies.

Based on Atoll’s 64-bit platform, Atoll LPWA can support large-scale IoT wireless networks comprising gateways covering wide areas and massive numbers of connected objects and end-devices. The Atoll LPWA ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) can be used for LPWA site selection as well as to optimise operational IoT networks.

About Forsk

Forsk is an independent software company providing operators and vendors with wireless network design and optimization products. Atoll, Forsk’s flagship product, is 64-bit multi-technology wireless network design and optimization software that allows operators to streamline planning and optimization activities by combining predictions and live network data. With more than 7900 active licenses installed with 450+ customers in 130 countries, Atoll has become the industry standard for wireless network design and optimisation.