Selected Consulting Assignments

Listed below is a brief selection of consulting assignments carried out by TeleResources.

Business Market Studies - Australia

A market research study to characterize the global market opportunities for an advanced mobile subsystem and assess its business potential- for an Australian start-up company. TeleResources reviewed the product development, identified market needs, evaluated its value propositions, assessed the size of the global mobile target markets and analysed the competitive products. We then canvassed the strategic options to take the planned products to the market.

Business Market Studies – Overseas

Advised the Board of an overseas fixed and mobile telco on actions needed to address changing market circumstances. The study including benchmarking the performance of the telco against its peers in each of the market sectors in which it was active. This was followed by a detailed study of the current management structure of the telco and recommendations on changes needed to position the company for the future.

Valuation and Due Diligence

Due diligence into a proposed investment in a State-wide broadband fibre network - for an electricity utility company. TeleResources reviewed the business plan, assessed the reasonableness of key assumptions, identified and assessed the risks to the venture and evaluated the financial returns of the proposed investment. The business plan review covered assessment of the business and marketing strategy, network implementation, commercial operation, technological development and regulatory issues.

Strategic Planning

A National Strategic Plan for Radiocommunications - for a group of State and Federal Agencies. TeleResources reviewed their mobile radio infrastructures and operational capabilities, identified issues and gaps in the solutions currently provided and developed a national integrated approach to meet future requirements. The strategy development encompassed the impending migration of existing facilities to new technologies and standards, the imperatives for interoperability, adequacy of current and future spectrum allocation and international technology development. TeleResources then developed a comprehensive set of strategies and milestones for the short, medium and long term for the agencies to achieve their strategic objectives.