Customer Coverage Management

Customer acquisition, loyalty and OPEX. Managing these factors is essential in today’s competitive environment. Coverage is the most important factor for subscribers after price, yet Operators cause customer dissatisfaction and waste valuable resources by employing inefficient processes for managing customer enquiries and complaints relating to coverage.

Add to that the under exploitation of any competitive advantage of coverage for new services and the results include:

  • Risk of poor take up of new services
  • Unmet expectations for mobile broadband leading to high equipment return rate and complaints
  • Unnecessary loading and delays at call centres
  • Unnecessary processing of ‘known’ network faults
  • Overly complex prioritisation and diagnostic processes in the NMC/Operations centre

All of these problems can be traced to poor availability of coverage information: both externally and internally. Many operator web sites have out of date information and different views for different services. Individual departments have disconnected systems and processes for handling enquiries or complaints.

Coverage Management

Customer Coverage Management (CCM) offers significant new OPEX reduction and loyalty building opportunities. An integrated approach with organisation-wide availability of up-to-date information is fundamental. Extending this to the subscriber base via the web means that the lowest cost channel can be used to interact directly with end-users - invaluable for promoting new services and gathering requirements.