Our staff and associates each have on average more than twenty years experience in the telecommunications industry. This experience covers the design, development, operation and support of telecommunications networks and applications with a particular emphasis on wireless technology as well as the policy and regulatory aspects of telecommunications operation in Australia and overseas.

Executive Management

Managing Director - Maurie Dobbin

“[Maurie Dobbin] is our national guru on mobile” Paul Budde, Principal, Paul Budde Communications
Maurie Dobbin is the founder and Managing Director of TeleResources. He possesses over thirty years of experience in telecommunications markets and is an acknowledged expert in the wireless communications industry.

General Manager - Omair Khalid

Omair Khalid is responsible for the day to day operation of our engineering team including business development of associated solutions. Omair has over ten years experience in the design, test and optimisation of mobile networks.

Director of Consulting - Dr. David Vu

Dr David Vu is responsible for our management consultancy business. He has over 25 years experience working in the telecommunications, business information and finance sectors as well as advanced technology R&D.