software only Mobile Core platform
PriMo by Athonet is a software only Mobile Core and has been built to make readily available a mobile network to clients at very low entry cost, with superior technical capabilities, very low operating expenses and simple network management.

Primo is a standards-compliant multi-access Mobile Core implementation, supporting LTE, IMS and WiFi technologies. It comprises highly available and extensible software designed to run on off-the-shelf IT server hardware (e.g. datacentre, cloud). This makes for a flexible cost-effective Mobile Core Network solution that can cater for many different applications in both centralized and distributed deployments.

Primo allows operators to innovate communications in private-public environments which are of particular importance to professional and mission-critical applications such as campuses, enterprises, industrial areas, oil & gas, mining, airports, ports, railways, transportation and logistics which require a mix of data (email, video, web, messaging, sensors, security etc.) and voice services. Standard cellular services are often unavailable or cannot deliver sufficient broadband service quality and reliability in such areas.

Primo also provides an excellent fit for public safety and defense-related scenarios which require a mix of data (e.g. group messaging, geodata, video, sensors etc.) and voice services.

Primo delivers cost-effective broadband data performance with very low latencies to enable real-time applications over local or very wide areas using an efficient flat IP network architecture. It combines the best of both worlds: cellular quality, control, reliability and advanced cost-effective COTS terminals combined with broadband wireless simplicity, all in a compact form factor.

Primo can be utilized both as a dedicated network for mission-critical users (e.g. public safety) or it can be an overlay on standard mobile network sites. In fact in this second scenario the Primo Software Mobile Core mobile core solution and the national mobile core can share capacity in the radio base station. This can help the operator overlay value-added services on the key mobile sites and make RAN (Radio Access Network) investment more effective.


Primo Software Mobile Core also allows governments to deploy a mission-critical broadband wireless system that can be fully distributed (no single point of failure) to provide maximum bandwidth and minimum latency services.

In May 2012, two major earthquakes occurred in Northern Italy causing widespread damage and leaving 5000 people homeless. Telecommunication networks became a critical resource for public safety and civilians. However fixed and mobile networks were overloaded or damaged.

The Italian Civil Protection immediately dispatched Primo Mobile Core rapid deployment equipment to one of the hardest hit areas in the town of Mirandola to provide mobile broadband access to civilians and emergency operations. Within just a few hours the Italian Civil Protection had installed the network, utilizing it for real-time fixed video surveillance, “wearable” mobile video and voice communications to/from field emergency personnel. Using LTE-WiFi routers, free WiFi access was provided to civilians who took shelter in tent camps for months.