Professional Services

TeleResources possesses in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry and the wireless sector in particular. Over the past twenty years we have undertaken a wide variety of roles ranging from expert adviser in complex due diligence assignments to hands on design of wireless networks. We are able to draw upon a highly experienced group of associates that complement our in-house expertise and extend our breadth of consulting services.

Our objective is to work closely with our operator clients and their vendor partners to ensure that their next-generation networks are delivered on-time and to best practice standards.



We help our clients deal with the critical strategic issues that are impacting organisations looking at wireless technology to deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

These issues range from the choice of standards and spectrum to selecting the right vendor that will provide the long term support needed for reliable operation.

Project Management

We can help you deliver that complex wireless project on time and on budget. With over thirty years of experience meeting the needs of our clients we have literally seen it all from simple investigations of site interference to managing scores of engineers delivering complex multi-technology networks.

We can provide a project manager for your team or manage a delivery according to an agreed scope of works.

Due Diligence

Don’t make assumptions, test the business case independently!

Investing in a wireless focused business requires confidence in the technology and the market opportunity. We have experience in modelling the complexities of technological change and the way in which those advances may affect the value of the business under consideration.


Garbage in, Garbage Out is the result if you do not have the correct information to base important decisions.

The quality of a wireless network is critically dependent on the planning process and in particular the system and site parameters used in the planning tool, minimising differences between predictions and drive test results, using up to date and accurate clutter information, site information and training of staff.

TeleResources is able to perform a full physical audit of site information gathering information on tower heights, site latitude, antenna orientation and tilt, technologies installed, etc. in order to update and correct the site information database.


Project Management Services

Visionstream needed our assistance to develop a project plan for the design and construction of thousands of cell sites for the expansion of the Optus network. We worked closely with the Visionstream team over a period of many months to develop a winning bid. We subsequently provided a National RF Design Manager to assist Visionstream.