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We help our clients deal with critical strategic issues that are impacting organisations looking at implementing wireless technology to deliver sustainable competitive advantage. These issues range from the choice of standards and spectrum, to selecting the right vendor that will provide the long term support needed for reliable operation.

Blend the best of private and public.

Our Athonet platform (Primo) is the optimal solution for end-users and service providers in the Enterprise, Public Safety and Private Mobile Market who today are relegated to utilizing WiFi or PMR (e.g. TETRA) technology. While PMR technologies support mostly voice and cannot satisfy the growing broadband data needs, WiFi deployment requires potentially large numbers of access points (with associated capex and opex costs) and is unable to guarantee coverage and mission-critical services in all areas.

We solve these problems with a complete dedicated mobile network solution that provides public safety, enterprises and professional users with the best possible LTE broadband experience: a real extension to their enterprise LAN with very low latency, high security, VoIP PBX compatibility, full control and simplified management – all which would otherwise be unavailable to them.

TeleResources solution offerings to Enterprise Corporations include Network Design and Optimisation and Network Performance Solutions.

Network Design and Optimisation

TeleResources engineers are expert in the design of all types of wireless networks covering 3G, 4G, LTE, Tetra, Wifi, small cells and indoor/outdoor networks.

Network Performance

TeleResources has the expertise and leading-edge tools to address the needs of Enterprise Corporations to deliver a quality and highly efficient network.


We have the latest technologically advanced products to assist Enterprise Corporations to best manage their network planning, network performance and optimisation needs.


Energy Australia was looking to build a network to link its network assets and provide vital switching information for the delivery of electricity to its customers across greater Sydney. We modelled a number of wireless technologies in order to arrive at the most efficient and effective solution.

Macquarie Capital needed technical assistance in carrying out due diligence on the acquisition of shared tower operator Crown Castle. We modelled multiple advances in wireless technology to give confidence to the Macquarie led consortium to spend more than $2 billion on the purchase of Crown Castle.




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