Engineering Services

TeleResources team has the methods, knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve your project objectives.



Untangling the complexities of acquiring and managing spectrum is our speciality!

The Australian Communications and Media Authority controls the management of spectrum and the devices that operate within that spectrum.

We assist our clients in securing appropriate authorisation with the ACMA certifying that unacceptable interference will not be caused by such transmitter devices.

EME Assessment

Ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place for personnel.

Base stations produce electromagnetic energy (EME) in order to transmit a signal. The ACMA requires that EME emissions do not exceed levels which the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has recommended as being safe.

We are able to perform an EME assessment for the Sites for EME compliance using the AMTA guideline “7.10 Base Station Design Guidelines: Engineering for Access” including the preparation of Form A and as necessary, Form B because of non-compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Model Tuning

We are the experts in this field having gathered and analysed millions of measurements to ensure our clients have the best tools for network design.

The propagation models used in tools such as Atoll require tuning to their environment. This is a complex procedure involving setting up a CW transmitter and measuring the level of the radio signal in each clutter class and frequency.

We possess the specialised equipment and the know how gained over many years of producing models in and out of Australia.


EME Assessments

Vodafone Fiji needed help with tuning the propagation models for the 900 and 2100 MHz bands using Atoll. TeleResources was selected as a preferred partner in this regard. The project included the calibration of 3 different environments (Dense Urban, Suburban & Rural) models across 2 bands resulting in a total of 6 tuned propagation models.

We performed Data Audit of CW drive test measurements on 20+ CW measurement sites and prepared final documentation which involved the detailed methodology and steps of model tuning process.