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About Us

Established in 1981, TeleResources is Australia's leading wireless strategy and solutions company.

TeleResources provides a wide range of professional services in market studies, business planning, strategy and market analysis, investment valuation, network planning and design, project management, provision of surrogate resources, training and specialist publications.

TeleResources understands the telecommunications business. With our 30 years of focused consulting in telecommunications, we have built up a deep knowledge of the Australasian and global telecommunications markets and information on operators and vendors. As we understand the telecommunications business and know the industry’s key personnel, we are able to anticipate future market developments, track seemingly disparate events and use them to pro-actively identify opportunities for our clients.

TeleResources seeks to add value to our clients' business with our insight, innovation and independent perspective. We strive to assist clients in making optimal decisions in business investment, market positioning and network implementation and in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

TeleResources provides independent RF engineering consultancy services based on its extensive experience in the design, test and optimisation of 2G, 3G and 4G networks. We have partnered with the world's leading tool vendors in order to provide an integrated service offering capable of addressing the major issues facing our operator clients. Our projects have included assignments in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia. The issues we deal with are global in context, including infrastructure investment, business dynamics and technology choice, in an increasingly competitive and globalised market. We have a client base of blue chip operators, regulators, investors and corporations worldwide.

TeleResources has formal associations with leading international consultancies. This allows us to provide clients with expertise and knowledge in a much wider range of market segments and specialist technological fields anywhere in the world. We also assemble multi disciplinary teams to attack more complex projects requiring diverse skill sets. Over 80% of our business is referral or repeat business thus confirming our reputation for excellence and our ability to deliver valuable business solutions to our clients.

TeleResources has recently expanded its geographic scope by establishing subsidiary companies in New Zealand, Thailand and Pakistan. We believe that these markets in particular are in need of the advanced radio planning expertise that we are able to deploy for our clients. Our operations in these countries will form the springboard for an expansion into neighbouring territories over the next few years.

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