Engineering Consulting


The deployment of next generation networks is a much more complex task than it was for the Greenfield networks characteristic of 2G deployments. The overlaying of WCDMA 3G technology on top of TDMA GSM introduces the potential for interference and requires a different philosophy of approach, one based on a design that is closely keyed to marketing needs. Simply building on top of existing 2G sites, while expedient, is likely to lead to long-term problems as traffic builds and interference levels rise.

Our service expertise includes any or all of the following:

Vendor Selection

  • Tender Specification
  • Probity of Process
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Contract Development

Vendor Governance

  • Design Specification and Guidelines
  • Establishing Radio Layer KPIs
  • Preliminary Design Review Process
  • 2G Impact Analysis Reporting
  • Band Clearance
  • Final Design Review Process
  • Pre-Launch Network Performance Acceptance Process
  • 2G Performance Monitoring
  • Final Network Performance Acceptance Process
  • Network Test and Optimisation
  • Drive Testing